Broken maize process is breaking maize endosperm into large pieces and removing husk and germ from maize grain. Keshrinandan Enterprise is one of the companies in India that offers the best quality of broken maize process using the latest machines in the industry. We as Keshrinandan Enterprise we dispatch our highly trained staff to the farms in order to select raw materials that have met our standards. We ensure the transportation and storage of the raw materials met the health standards.

We ensure maize is first cleaned before milling. We have the latest automated milling machines. Having the machines improves the quality because we reduce the chances of human touching the product with hands. Also it helps to manufacture quality products consistently. We also have invested in a fully equipped laboratory with international standards. We test the quality many times before packing because quality is key to us as Keshrinandan Enterprise. We store the product in a fully equipped warehouse before collection by suppliers and traders.

Once the grains have been broken it can be consumed directly by cooking, can be used in brewing industries and also as snacks.

Corn grits process
Corn grits are made of dried corn`s kernels. Grits make a coarse meal by been grounded and then boiled. There is another type of grits called hominy grits it is made by treating with an alkali the process is known as nixtamalization.

Corn feed process
This is a process of separating corn into starch, germ and fiber through wet milling process. Wet milling process aim is to produce pure starch. The main motive for processing grains is to improve digestibility. Hull blocks useful nutrients therefore it must be broken by processing or chewing. Not all animals can be able to chew the grain open. For animals who can`t be able to chew the grain open, they get the nutrients through processed grains.

Keshrinandan Enterprise offers broken maize process, corn grit process and corn feed process. It has the best machinery in processing corns. This results into high quality products. We lead in the processing field.