Maize Crop
Maize Crop

We as Keshrinandan Enterprise we are the leading manufacturers in India. We are located at Dhrol Gujurat in India. We have built a reputation of consistently manufacturing high quality products. No wonder our customers keeps on coming back. We Have highly trained staff and also who are very dedicated.
Our feeds are the best. We ensure they are nutritious by making sure we do not lose nutrients when we are processing. our aim as a company is not only manufacturing but ensuring what we are manufacturing is of high quality and of value to the consumer of the product. We always get feedback from customers who have given our product to their livestock and the feedback is always positive. Our prices are low because we want many people to consume a product that is of nutritional value.



Broken Maize manufacturers are people who sieve maize in order to be source of energy. Maize can serves used as food and also in brewing industries. India is one of top producers of maize thus have a lot of manufacturers. We as Keshrinandan are the leading company in manufacturing broken maize ensuring our customers get the highest quality product.

Corn grit manufacturers in India
Corn grit manufacturers in India are people who mill corns in India. India being one of the top producers of corn have many manufacturers. They engage themselves in both national and international markets of corns. This has resulted to emergence of exporters. Exporters supply the corns to other countries. The manufacturers also have to make there is enough corn grit in the country.

Corn feed manufacturers in India
Corn feed manufacturers are the one who manufacturer corn for animal. Corn has nutrients that are of value to humans. It has high level include carbohydrates vitamin and starch. Some animals cannot chew grain in order to obtain nutrients. Those animals get the nutrients once it is processed. Poultry and livestock feeds are made corn feed manufacturers.

Maize broken producer
Maize broken producer produce maize for human consumption. This includes snacks, porridge and biscuit industry.
We as Keshrinandan Enterprise we have the latest machines and very highly trained workforce who ensure our quality is the best in manufacturing industry.