Corn Feed

Many by-products of processing maize flour include hominy feed, bran, germs, corn gluten feed and corn gluten meal. We Kenshrinandan Enterprise provide the best quality of feeds both in cows and chicken. We have the best machines in corn feed production and our staff are highly trained on best practices in feed production. We have built a reputation of manufacturing quality feeds not only in India but also to our neighboring countries. Our feeds are 100% pure and last for long. Our customers keeps on coming back because they have witnessed the quality of our products.

Corn feed for cows
Corns have high level of carbohydrates. Dairy cattle may be given to increase production efficiency and support the cow with energy. Due to high level of starch and carbohydrates time taken to fatten the cow decreases.

Feed for chicken
Due to its high level of carbohydrates it makes the chicken get fat. It is best given to broiler chicken but not to layer chicken. Obesity in chicken make the chickens not to lay eggs. But during winter it is an excellent treat to give layer chicken corn feed. This helps chicken to generate body heat.