Maize Broken

One of our main products in Keshrinandan Enterprise is broken maize. Broken maize is the product made of large pieces of broken maize endosperm without husk and germ. Uses of broken maize include porridge, snacks and in brewing industry. Maize Broken in different mesh sizes and in best quality packaging.

Corn grits
Another product we manufacture is corn grits. Corn grits is made of kernels of dried corn and then treated by alkali to eliminate hull and germ. Oatmeal is it product. It is praised by nutritionist because it is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Corn feed
We also manufacture corn feed. This the product of corn that farmers give to their livestock. We ensure that during harvesting corn our staff go to check whether corns are of quality. The best corns are harvested when kernels are ideal for eating when they are soft and sweet.